The Truth About Pesticides

Pesticides are used in everything in our surrounding environment. From food products to the air we breathe pesticides are used to keep pests away from our precious commodities. But in recent years the truth about pesticides have come to light. The health and environmental effects pesticides have on both humans and animals can be extremely dangerous. There are three (3) major reasons why we should eliminate toxic pesticides and turn towards all natural remedies to keep pests away from our food and water and out of our homes.

Cancer Causing

Many of the pesticides on the market today contain carcinogens which are known cancer causing agents. The EPA claims that the levels of carcinogens found in pesticides are not dangerous enough to cause serious problems. However, the National Cancer Institute conducted a study that concluded children who were exposed to pesticides in their family’s home and garden were 6 times more likely to develop Leukemia. Additionally, American farmers who are generally healthier than the rest of the population, suffer from a higher than average number of Hodgkin’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other cancers.

Toxic to the Environment

Pesticides include everything from bathroom cleaners to chemicals used to keep insects off of agricultural crops, but all of them have one thing in common: they are toxic to the environment. Pesticides damage the soil in which our food is grown and are harmful to vital insects that are good for crops. They also accumulate in drain water which is then put back into the sewage system and drained into our rivers and streams. Some pesticides also attach to air molecules and pollute the air we breathe.

They kill off vital insects such as honeybees

It is well documented that the honeybees are dying off in alarm numbers. The honeybee Eco-system is vital to all of our plant and animal food, and as pesticides are growing in use the honeybee is paying the price. Unfortunately, these toxins may not be used intentionally to kill good insects but they do so indiscriminately.

The fact of the matter is that toxic pesticides should not be used on food, plant, or animal life in any way. Biodegradable pesticides are much safer to use in our homes and on our crops. If we invest the time to understand what products are safe and which are not we can save our family from serious health problems down the road.

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