Do mega bombs destroy trees? (2023)

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Can Mega Bombs destroy trees Stardew Valley?

It does actually, takes 2 / 3 bombs to fell a tree, 2 to destroy the stump. I use them when doing mass reconstruction of my farms.

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How much damage does Mega Bomb do?

Costs 5 baubles per throw. Deals 100 damage against regular enemies and has a much larger range than the mini bomb.

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What can cherry bombs destroy Stardew Valley?

Mushrooms and foraged minerals will be destroyed. Any untilled dirt tiles or Artifact Spots within a significantly smaller radius will become tilled, dropping any items (e.g., clay, artifacts) at the same rate as a player using a hoe. Crafted artisan and refining equipment will be destroyed.

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Can bombs destroy logs Stardew Valley?

They can destroy stumps from regular trees. They cannot destroy the larger stumps, the sort that you get hardwood from. Bombs of any variety cannot destroy large rocks either.

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How do I permanently get rid of big stumps in Stardew Valley?

A copper Axe (or better quality) is required to remove a large stump, yielding 2 Hardwood and 25 Foraging Experience points. Players with the Forester profession have a 50% chance of receiving one extra piece of hardwood.

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How big is a 2000lb bomb?

Class2,000 lb. General Purpose Bomb/Fragmentation
Length129 in.
Diameter18 in.
Explosive945 lbs. H-6 or Tritonal
10 more rows

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What is the most powerful bomb in Star Wars?

Extremely powerful, a proton bomb was a big, cylindrical weapon that could cause massive damage. It was used primarily by the Empire but was sought after by the rebellion; when intel led the Ghost crew to an abandoned Imperial ship, they acquired several proton bombs for their armory.

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How powerful is a MOAB?

The MOAB blast radius is 1 mile and yield is equivalent to 11 tons, or 22,000 lbs, of TNT. For a sense of scale, let's compare the MOAB to the most destructive single weapon systems of the Second World War.

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What is the rarest object in Stardew Valley?

The living hat is perhaps the single rarest item in Stardew Valley. With a 0.01% chance to drop from wilderness golems, rare enemies that spawn on the farm if players select the wilderness layout, they require some pre-planning to even have a chance of finding.

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What's the point of the slingshot Stardew Valley?

By aiming the Slingshot at walls that have rocks nearby, or at enemies near rocks, players can instantly mine the toughest ore deposits. This is also a great way to descend through the Mines or Skull Cave, as clearing rocks quickly will soon lead to players finding a route down.

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Can you bomb hardwood Stardew?

Normal trees have a chance of dropping Hardwood with the Lumberjack Profession; this can be done with either any axe or any bombs.

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Should you clear your whole farm Stardew Valley?

You can clear all the debris if you want to, but I strongly recommend leaving any unused portion of your farmland covered in trees. You can harvest the wood you need, and the trees will naturally drop seeds that become big trees over time.

Do mega bombs destroy trees? (2023)
Does bombing increase mining level Stardew?

Mining skill points are awarded when rocks are destroyed -- it doesn't matter if this is done by Pickaxe, Bombs, or by the action of Monsters.

How rare are meteorites in Stardew Valley?

Randomized Odds: There is only 1% chance that the Meteorite would appear in the player's Farm. This makes the Meteorite a rather rare oddity, such as Universal Loves for Stardew Valley Villagers like Prismatic Shards.

Is there a faster way to cut down trees in Stardew Valley?

Hold left-click, and spam C at the same time! Both controls do the same thing, but using them together makes a noticeable difference. Wait, seriously? I just spam click in order to do it fast.

Should you clear all the trees in Stardew Valley?

When You Start Stardew Valley, You Will Be Given A Field Full Of Trees, Grass And Rocks. Clearing All Of This "Debris" Will Allow You To Build Useful Farm Buildings, Or Just To Expand Your Crop Fields For More Income.

How do you break Stardew big logs?

Unlike regular tree stumps, they can't be chopped with a normal axe—you'll need a Copper Axe or better to remove them. Chopping down a Large Stump will yield 2 pieces of hardwood.

What happens if you leave tree stumps in Stardew Valley?

Tree stumps will not regrow into trees. They actually stop more trees from growing. You should always chop stumps. Wild 'growth' on your farm will always grow more of the same stuff around it if you leave it alone.

What would a 10000 megaton bomb do?


It has been estimated that a 10,000-megaton war with half the weapons exploding at ground level would tear up some 25 billion cubic meters of rock and soil, injecting a substantial amount of fine dust and particles into the stratosphere.

How much would a 100 megaton bomb destroy?

So a 10-megaton bomb detonated at an optimal altitude might do medium damage to a distance of 9.4 miles (15 kilometers) from ground zero, but a 100-megaton bomb “only” does the same amount of damage to 20.3 miles (33 kilometers).

How big is a 4000 pound bomb?

The 4000 lb High Capacity Mark I bomb – actual weight around 3,930 lb (1,780 kg) – was a welded, cylindrical shell of 0.31 in (7.9 mm) thick steel. The body of the bomb was 30 in (76 cm) in diameter and 88 in (2.24 m) long.

What is the scariest bomb in the world?

The Tsar Bomba (Russian: Царь-бо́мба) (code name: Ivan or Vanya), also known by the alphanumerical designation "AN602", was a thermonuclear aerial bomb, and the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested.

What bomb is hotter than the sun?

A hydrogen bomb, where a nuclear fission reaction compresses the fuel pellet instead, is an even more extreme version of this, producing greater temperatures than even the center of the Sun.

How many tsar bombs does Russia have?

Russia possesses a total of 5,977 nuclear warheads as of 2022, the largest stockpile of nuclear warheads in the world; the second-largest stockpile is the United States' 5,428 warheads. Russia's deployed missiles (those actually ready to be launched) number about 1,588, second to the United States' 1,644.

What bomb is bigger than the MOAB?

During World War II, Royal Air Force Bomber Command used the Grand Slam, officially known as the "Bomb, Medium Capacity, 22,000 lb" 42 times. At 22,000 lb (10,000 kg) total weight, these earthquake bombs were larger and heavier than the MOAB.

How powerful is MOAB vs nuke?

A MOAB packs somewhere around 11 tons (9,979 kilograms) of explosive power. In contrast, the atomic bomb that leveled Hiroshima, Japan at the end of World War II featured 15,000 tons (13.6 million kilograms) of wallop.

What bomb is stronger than a nuke?

But a hydrogen bomb has the potential to be 1,000 times more powerful than an atomic bomb, according to several nuclear experts. The U.S. witnessed the magnitude of a hydrogen bomb when it tested one within the country in 1954, the New York ​Times​ reported.

Who is the nicest person in Stardew Valley?

Haley starts out as rude and dismissive but becomes one of the kindest women in Stardew Valley. She's affectionate, caring, and shows more growth than most of the other marriage candidates. Haley's marriage gifts aren't too shabby either. She provides maple bars, eggplant parmesan, and many other food items.

What is the most loved item in Stardew Valley?

There's no going wrong with a homegrown apple, peach, or other orchard fruit: Every villager likes them, without exceptions. Though they take patience to grow, fruit trees produce daily while in season, making them an excellent source of universally-liked gifts.

What is the weird alien thing in Stardew Valley?

What to Do With the Alien Capsule. The Strange Capsule has now crash-landed on the farm. It's filled with goo and something alive; the player can see it through the murky liquid on occasion. Players can now move, place, or pick up the Strange Capsule with a pickaxe.

Is the Infinity Blade worth it Stardew?

2/17 Infinity Gavel

But, it's absolutely worth it. Its damage is 100-120, making it the most powerful melee weapon in Stardew Valley. On top of that, it has +2 Speed, +1 Defense, and +5 Weight stats, which only enhance the already overpowered club.

What is the point of the pool at Stardew Valley?

Recovering Energy and Health

Then, by heading into the pool-like area, the player can enter the water. While standing in the water, the player character will steadily recover any missing health and/or energy. It's not the fastest way to recover, but it's free and doesn't use up any food or resources.

What is the point of Ginger Island Stardew Valley?

Ginger Island is home to tons of fossils for the player to dig up. These fossils can then be taken to Dr. Snail and donated. By completing the fossils, the player will get golden walnuts that act as the currency of the island.

What axe breaks big logs Stardew?

A steel Axe (or better quality) is required to remove a large log, yielding 8 Hardwood (10 with the Forester profession) and 25 Foraging Experience points. Large Logs will never reappear once removed.

Can a Copper Axe Chop hardwood Stardew Valley?

A special kind of wood with superior strength and beauty. Hardwood is a resource. It is obtained by chopping down a Mahogany Tree with any axe, a Large Stump with a Copper Axe or better, or a Large Log with a Steel Axe or better.

Can you bomb meteorite Stardew?

Nope, only a gold (and above) pick would be able to touch/damage it at all. However, you can move the coop; just talk to Robin, select "construct building", and there should be an option in the bottom right corner to move buildings already on your farm. Alright, thank you!

Does Stardew Valley stop after 3 years?

One of the biggest questions in Stardew Valley is whether there is actually an end to the game or not. And the answer is: there isn't one. After three years, the player's grandfather appears to the player in a dream sequence to discuss the player's time at the farm and how they have adapted to living to farm life.

What happens when you get 100% perfection Stardew?

The perfection score measures how much of the game content you've completed. Achieving a perfection of 100% unlocks extra endgame content.

What should you not do with a Stardew?

Ten Things Not to Do in Stardew Valley
  • Cut Down All The Trees. It can be tempting to cut down every tree on your farm when you are trying to clear things out, but you should really avoid doing this for multiple reasons. ...
  • Craft Sprinklers. ...
  • Get Married. ...
  • Check Trash Cans Around NPCs.
4 Oct 2017

Can mega bombs destroy trees Stardew Valley?

It does actually, takes 2 / 3 bombs to fell a tree, 2 to destroy the stump. I use them when doing mass reconstruction of my farms.

Can bombs clear trees Stardew?

Trees will be destroyed when their health reaches zero (this may require more than one bomb). Trees will drop wood, sap, and any seeds they contained.

What happens at level 120 in the mines Stardew Valley?

The last floor or Level 120 of the Mines will revert back to a lava-earth with a purple hue of Levels 80 to 109. There won't be any enemies here as well, and no more threats appear in this floor. Treasure: Skull Key. Players can obtain a special Skull Key in this floor.

What is the rarest ring in Stardew Valley?

The Phoenix Ring can only be found inside rare chests in the Volcano Dungeon.

What is the rarest stone in Stardew Valley?

NameDescriptionSell Price
TopazFairly common but still prized for its beauty.80g
JadeA pale green ornamental stone.200g
DiamondA rare and valuable gem.750g
Prismatic ShardA very rare and powerful substance with unknown origins.2,000g
4 more rows
28 Oct 2022

Is the stone owl rare?

The Stone Owl is a random event. Every night, there is a 0.5% chance the statue will appear on the farm, provided there is an empty space for it. Players will know when it happens by the owl sound effect that plays after bed. The event can trigger multiple times in the same save file.

How do you break big trees in Stardew Valley?

Break With: Copper Axe

It takes at least a Copper Axe or an Axe of better quality, so players can break Large Stumps and acquire Hardwood inside them.

Can lightning hit trees Stardew?

Fruit trees can be struck by lightning, causing them to become burnt for 4 days. During this time, they will not produce fruit, but will instead produce coal. After the 4 days are up, they will return to normal.

How can I destroy a big tree?

Girdling is the easiest and most popular method for killing a tree without chemicals or herbicides, but the tree will take many months to die from the process. Start by pulling away any loose bark that gives you easier access to the trunk. You should clear the bark in a band approximately 4–5 inches (10–13 cm) wide.

Does shaking trees do anything Stardew Valley?

Each day, there is a 5% chance that a mature tree will generate a "loose" seed. This seed will be dropped if the player shakes the tree. Normally the loose seed matches the mature tree species, with one exception: for the last two weeks of Fall, shaking a Maple Tree produces a Hazelnut instead of a Maple Seed.

How much damage would a 100 megaton bomb do?

So a 10-megaton bomb detonated at an optimal altitude might do medium damage to a distance of 9.4 miles (15 kilometers) from ground zero, but a 100-megaton bomb “only” does the same amount of damage to 20.3 miles (33 kilometers).

How much damage would a 50 megaton bomb do?

The world's largest nuclear device ever to be set off, the 50 megaton Soviet “Tsar Bomba” – detonated in a remote arctic test site in 1961, creating the most powerful man-made explosion in history – would kill an estimated 5.8 million people if it were dropped on London, according to Nukemap.

What is the most op weapon in the forest?

While perhaps controversial and ultimately up to opinion, the spears are the best weapons in the game. They're versatile, quick, and easy to craft while still holding up on damage and stealth. However, it does let itself down a little with the lack of crowd control.

What happens if you hit a creeper with lightning?

Creepers are a major source of gunpowder as well as the only way to obtain most music discs. When struck by lightning, a creeper becomes charged, which amplifies its explosion power and enables mob heads to be obtained.

Do lightning rods protect crops Stardew?

A Lightning Rod has a very good chance of intercepting a lightning bolt if it isn't already processing one. Since each rod only protects the farm from harm if it is not already processing a previous lightning strike, it is advisable to place multiple rods on the farm.

Can you save a tree that has been struck by lightning?

If only one side of the tree shows evidence of a lightning strike, the chances of the tree surviving and eventually closing the wound are good. However, when the strike completely passes through the tree trunk, with splintered bark and exploded wood on each side, trees are usually killed.

What is the rarest thing in Stardew Valley?

The living hat is perhaps the single rarest item in Stardew Valley. With a 0.01% chance to drop from wilderness golems, rare enemies that spawn on the farm if players select the wilderness layout, they require some pre-planning to even have a chance of finding.

What's the rarest mineral in Stardew Valley?


What is the strongest weapon in Stardew Valley?

The highest-ranking club-type weapon is the Infinity Gavel. It is made from a Galaxy Hammer and three Galaxy Souls in the forge (plus the 60 Cinder Shards), so it's a little bit of work. But, it's absolutely worth it. Its damage is 100-120, making it the most powerful melee weapon in Stardew Valley.

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