What type of hair is not recommended to use thinning scissors on? (2023)

Why you shouldn't use thinning shears?

Are Thinning Scissors Bad For Hair? If used incorrectly, thinning shears can do more damage than good. As mentioned, over-thinning the hair or starting too close to the root can leave your client with that spiky, static hair look. It can also damage the ends of the hair, leaving it looking stringy.

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Should thinning scissors be used on fine hair?

With fine hair it is best to use them only for blending. Using thinning shears to dust the ends of a cut on fine hair will help to blend soft layers and could even help create volume. However, if we over use thinning shears on fine, thinner hair we can leave holes in the haircut.

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Should you use thinning shears on thick hair?

"Thinning shears are great for blending thick hair, men's fades, or anything short."

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Can anyone use thinning scissors?

Thinning shears look like scissors, but instead of cutting off a section of your hair, you grab and cut some strands while leaving the rest. These shears help thin curly or very thick hair. You can also use them to blend layers and add texture. Thinning shears should not be used on fine, thin hair.

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Does hair grow back thicker after using thinning shears?

A thinning shear won't make a strand of hair thicker or make more hair, the hair grows back the same.

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Why you should not thin your hair?

One downside to thinning out your hair is that it could lead to some serious issues with frizz control. The scissors used to thin out hair can harm individual strands, which may lead to more split ends and damaged hair in the long run. As a result, your hair will only continue to get frizzier until your next haircut.

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Do thinning shears make hair frizzy?

Thinning Shears Risks For Curly & Frizzy Hair Types

Making cuts with hair thinning scissors causes curly hair to become more frizzy and prone to split ends and breakage of the curl which, let's be real, no curly haired woman wants their hair to break off. The reason lies within the hair.

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Do thinning shears permanently damage hair?

The simple answer is a Yes! Thinning scissors can cause damage to your hair. Thinning scissors or shears can ruin your hairstyle and potentially cause long-term damage to the strands of hairs or the hair roots.

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Do you use thinning scissors on wet or dry hair?

Hair thinning scissors can be used on wet and dry hair, but experts and professional hairstylists will recommend using them on dry hair. As you use thinning and texturising scissors at the end of the haircut, you will need to blow-dry the wet hair before using thinning shears on them.

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Can thick hair be thinned out?

One of the most common ways hairstylists trim long, thick hair is by thinning it out. While removing some weight from your hair may seem like the best way to make it more manageable, over-thinning thick hair can cause unwanted volume from the shorter layers left behind during the thinning process.

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How long does it take for hair to grow back after being thinned out?

Hair grows back at a rate of 1 inch (one inch) per month. Depending on how much hair has been removed, it will take anywhere between one to six months to regrow your hair after being thinned out. The thing to watch out for is whether or not your hair is damaged due to the hair thinning scissors or texturizing shears.

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When should thinning shears be used?

Thinning scissors are used at the end of the haircut, as they allow you to blend, texturise and remove any excess hair. The most common way to use hair thinning scissors is to blend two sections of hair that have different lengths together.

What type of hair is not recommended to use thinning scissors on? (2023)
What the difference between thinning scissors and texturizing scissors?

In most cases they are the same but some hairdressers might argue that texturising scissors have fewer teeth with wider gaps to create texture, whereas thinning scissors have more teeth with less space between them to remove weight from the hair. However, both types of scissor can achieve similar results.

What is the difference between thinning shears and thinning scissors?

Thinning scissors remove excess weight from hair and use smaller teeth. Texture shears have wider teeth and are designed to create texture in the hair. Thinning shears are ideal for thinning out hair and giving it a sleek look.

How do you thin out short thick hair?

Use the Shearing Method to Manage Thick Hair

Simply ask your stylist to thin your hair with thinning shears: This will cut down the amount of volume in your hair, but you won't lose the shape of your hairstyle. Alternatively, you can also get a long, layered cut to balance out the volume of your hair.

How far from the scalp should you use thinning shears?

The blades must go to the very least 3 inches (7.6 cm) far from your scalp. Carefully relocate the blades down your hair shaft to the tip. Use a comb to eliminate any cut hairs from the area after you have completed thinning. You could have to repeat the process on the same area of hair.

How often should you thin out thick hair?

“One caution is to not thin out the hair too much,” he warns. “It's always best to see how the hair grows out and then take it from there with your stylist. Typically, you can feel the bulk creeping in every six weeks after a fresh start, particularly with thicker or coarser hair types,” Symons says.

Is it better for thin hair to be short or long?

"Short hairstyles are best for thinning hair, because too much length can drag the hair down and create an unflattering, stringy appearance," says Alabama stylist Hope Russo.

Should thick hair be layered?

If your hair is fine and thick, layers will help reduce weight and add movement. If it's fine and thin, light layers might be preferred, to keep as much hair as possible. Coarse, thick hair is typically very layer-friendly and frequently preferred.

What hairstyle is good for thick hair?

Shags and all their many iterations have been popular for a while, and Saviano says they're especially good for thick hair. "The super short, textured layers both remove weight and add a ton of movement," he says.

Does thinning your hair make it poofy?

Your hair may grow slower. Keep thinning scissors away from your roots; otherwise, the top of your head will end up poofy and uncontrollable. Remember – fine hair plus thinning shears removes volume, which equals more frizz and flyaways.

Does thinning your hair add texture?

Thinning is closely related to texturizing and is typically done at the same time as texturizing. The difference between the two is that thinning is removing bulk from ALL of the hair and not certain areas like weight lines. Thinning will help remove weight from the hair when you have a ton of hair.

Does your hair grow back after thinning it out?

Although hair re-growth may be possible, you should also know when to seek professional help. If the reason for thinning hair is genetics, it will not grow back on its own. To grow back a healthy, full head of hair, you'll need to take action, and that involves reviewing different hair loss options.

Can thinning scissors cause hair loss?

A bad haircut with texturizing scissors or thinning shears could cause damage to your hair, or just ruin your hairstyle. They can't destroy your hair's structure. A bad haircut can cause hair to fall out in as little as a few weeks. It doesn't mean that your hair is safe from permanent or long-term damage.

How often should you cut thinning hair?

How often should you get a haircut if you have fine hair? Every four to six weeks. Finer hair tends to show every cut and can grow out less than ideally. You'll want to get this type of hair cut frequently.

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