Natural Soap Formulas prides itself in offering one of the most innovative and versatile multi-use surfactant lines to the agro-industry. Bio-based, solvent-free and non-gelling, our surfactants allow for trouble-free and safer operator handling. Considered as a suitable replacement for Nonylphenol Ethoxylate (NPE) and Triclosan surfactants, the use of which has been banned by a number of regulatory bodies internationally, our products are first choice when it comes to environmental stewardship and health and safety compliance.

GMO-free, biodegradable and USDA Bio-Proffered, our surfactant line is ideal for organic, as well as conventional farm operations. Our flagship formula, 206-1x, is an Eco-friendly multi-functional non-ionic surfactant, adjuvant, wetting agent and spreader-penetrant to be considered for its potentially cost-effective, and in many cases, superior application of agricultural nutrients, pesticides, herbicide and other liquid and dissolvable agro-chemical compounds.

With a view to supporting smallholders and agriculture in developing nations, our ago-surfactants are formulated to offer mixed crop-livestock versatility and can be used across an array of agricultural needs, including equipment cleaning and livestock husbandry.

Kosher certified, our surfactants are suitable for use anywhere Kashrut compliance is required, be that meat production or post-harvest handling and processing.

Formula Product and Technical Data Sheets

Formula 404 General Surfactant Agriculture

Formula 206-1x Multi-use Surfactant for Agriculture

Formula 206-1x Multi-use Surfactant: Use with Livestock

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