Commercial Formulas

Natural Soap Formulas Commercial formulas

Natural Soap Formulas offers a versatile multi-use surfactant line, ideal for commercial cleaning, personal care, laundry and janitorial operations.

Eco-friendly, our non-ionic soap-based surfactants should be considered for their potentially cost-effective application and soil lifting capacity on both hard and soft surfaces. Hypoallergenic and with low foaming qualities, our surfactants provide an excellent base for private label compounds or as a standalone and truly non-toxic and baby-safe alternative.

Recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency with the Design for the Environment Program Award (DfE), our USDA Bio-proffered surfactants are ideal for suppliers or government purchasers who are required to use safer cleaning products approved and in compliance with bio-based purchasing policies. Bio-derived and fully biodegradable, our products can be considered as a safe replacement for many less readily biodegradable and glycol-ester based products that can contribute to poor air quality, respiratory stress and Sick Building Syndrome.

In addition to the various independent testings our surfactants have undergone, all Natural Soap Formulas products are GMO-free, food surface safe and certified to conform to Kosher requirements.

Formula Product and Technical Data Sheets

General Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Compound

Cleaning and Maintenance – Brewing and Food Production

Field Expedient Hygiene and Disaster Relief

Commercial Laundry and Fabrics Cleaning

Cleaning and Maintenance – Hospitals and Health Care


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