The Technology

What makes us unique in the industry is not only our use of non-toxic compounds in manufacture, which assures even our most potent industrial product is baby-safe, but the superior cleaning and wetting agent characteristics our products exhibit. This superior quality is the result of the formation of colloidal-sized clusters known as micelles.

In these virus-sized surfactant monomers, the hydrophobic lipid tails cluster in order to minimize contact with water, while the hydrophilic heads orientate towards the outer surface in order to maximize water contact. Approximately 60 to 100 surfactant monomers form the micelle, these nano-spherical micelles are the secret to our products strength and baby-safe gentleness, compared to conventional surfactants and surface detergents. This typical Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic action allows the micelles to repel each other in a random pattern that actually penetrates grease and oil more effectively. The contaminants thus become attached to the micelle interior and are no longer able to adhere to the surface, allowing them to be rinsed away or wiped clean with minimal surface damage. This is cleaning being achieved literally at the microscopic level.

Colloidal Micelle Surfactant Technology Natural Soap Formulas

Illustration of how Colloidal Micelle Technology works in our formulas.

As a non-ionic surfactant, where the hydrophile carries no charge but derives its water solubility from its hydroxyl group, our product exhibits much less sensitivity to electrolytes, particularly divalent cations, than an ionic surfactant, and can be used effectively with high salinity or hard water solutions. Ideal as a wetting agent and emulsifier, our product line’s low toxicity and excellent carrier capabilities makes them suitable for application in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food production industries, or any sector where toxicity or multiple cleaning compound reactivity is a concern.

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